While trying to work out a blog name, and struggling for any ideas, I was staring at my toddlers “crazy donkey” toy and figured that I’m mad, stubborn and I don’t tend to carry on a bit at times according to an independent analyst in August 2010 (my wife) – well that and the fact that I couldn’t think of anything better. Of course I then decided that Seedy Rants is better than CD rants…whatever the case I’m here to try and rant about tech and other things of interest.

Bit of disclosure – I work for Microsoft as a Technical Solutions Professional around Cloud and Storage and stuff. Prior to that for a number of different resellers.

Apart from working in IT I’m a father of two young kids, live in Sydney, love my rugby (playing and watching) and like to pretend that I can jog and cycle.

If you really want a steady stream of absolute nonsense feel free to follow me on twitter – @bendiq

The views posted in this blog are my personal views only