SNIA bloggers day (SNIAFest2) – Intro

SNIA ANZ ( organised a  bloggers day on the 21st of July 2011. I think it is a great idea and Paul Talbut from SNIA has done a heck of a lot of work to get this set up; just like he did for the previous one last year which I also attended (the line up then was EMC, IBM, HDS and NetApp). Even a mini bus and driver were organised to ferry us from the Sydney CBD to Rhodes to Frenches Forest and finishing up in North Sydney – all on a very tight schedule.

Up this year from the vendors was:

  • Dimension Data
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Symantec

And the bloggers for the day:

  • Rodney Haywood of AlphaWest – @rodos and
  • Justin Warren of PivotNine – @jpwarren and
  • Sachin Chahal of Nexus IT – @sachchahal and Nexus Corporate blog -(independent blog expected soon?)
  • Chris Wintle of Data#3 Sees this as an opportunity to start up on twitter and start a blog

Based on this an interesting day was expected, not just from the vendors but also from the other bloggers who have some very interesting insights to add (and make me realise how little I really know). I have to admit that I was particularly curious what Dimension Data had to say, if I would be allowed to stay and how much they would reveal as I work for one of their competitors in Australia (Data#3).

Bit of disclosure before going into the different vendors. I work as a solution architect/specialist (pre-sales) around Data Centre Technology for Data#3. Data#3 are a competitor with Dimension Data, the largest HP and Symantec partner in Australia and have no affiliation, that I am aware of, with Dell. That said the views on this blog are mine and not that of my employer.

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